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Welcome to Aquarium-Club

    Since 1995 you have known us as one of the most reliable information sources for all things aquarium and the flagship web site of the group of web sites.



       Covid-19 has both temporarily interrupted and YET has drawn attention to our program, where we put aquariums in nursing homes, which are maintained by our members, local aquarium groups and church groups.

      We need your memberships and donations to maintain and expand this endeavor, when the virus passes, a vaccine is developed, and/or we can otherwise safely expand this endeavor.  All help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!!

     Also, we are updating and upgrading and all of our 44 websites.  Due to it's size and visitor traffic volume, will be the last to be migrated to a WordPress platform.  As you can imagine, this is a very time consuming and financially expensive process.  All information links/pages at this website are still functioning.

     We have started our new WordPress platform migration with, Killifish-Aquarium-com, and  Each website has a secure server certificate for credit card and Paypal purchases.  Your membership existing UID & PW works on all sites to access blog and member networking.  Please visit these websites to purchase these specific groups of fish, although you can still find the information you need here and the secure Paypal "Join" and "Donate" buttons still work.

     So bear with us.  Updates/upgrades like this and on this scale take time, but they will be well worth the wait and efforts.

    We hope you enjoy your visit and that you find our aquarium information, tropical fish for sale, and discount aquarium supplies for sale, to be helpful and beneficial.  

    Your membership and purchases through this and all of the Aquarium-Club web sites helps to support these sites, their hosting, maintenance, updates/upgrades, and donations to nursing homes and local aquarium clubs.

    We thank you for your donations, your purchases through us and certainly to those who help support us by being registered members of, because as you can see providing reliable information, tropical fish for sale and discount aquarium supplies to so many hobbyists on a global basis is a very expensive effort. 

    And as our members quickly learn, we show our appreciation by reciprocating to them with our support of services, assistance and resource to more information and acquiring tropical fish of species and quality not reliably found elsewhere.

Featured Aquarium Supplies and Tropical Fish for Sale

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Marble Veil Angelfish
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Coming Soon

Red Turquoise Discus
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Coming Soon


Twin Tail Male
Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Hi Fin Lyretail Swordtail
Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Purple Emperor Tetra
Coming Soon

    Did you get a new aquarium, fish tank, tropical fish, or a betta as a gift?
    Do you need information and help getting started in the aquarium hobby?
    Need information about your tropical fish, or new fish tank?
    Do you have an aquarium maintenance or a disease problem?
    Need aquarium product info, fish supplies, the best prices, or looking for quality tropical fish?
    Looking for something rare for your fish tank that your local pet shop doesn't carry?
Wish to buy high quality tropical fish  from reliable and knowledgeable  breeders?  Why Buy From Pros
    Are you a pet shop looking to fill a special order. or a pet shop needing to increase your sales and to also find more reliable tropical fish farms and distributors?  
    Need to have an on-line, one stop source for reliable aquarium information, aquarium products, tropical fish, and a portal access to the world of exotic tropical fish?
Looking to join a community of people who have vast tropical fish and aquarium knowledge? 

    Then you've stopped at the right place and come back any time, because we're always open, we have a lot of FREE aquarium information, we sell aquarium products on-line 24/7, and our breeders have some of the best tropical fish you will find anywhere in the world.

More Information - Members Area 


    For the best tropical fish, please buy your tropical fish through us and our reliable breeders and pet shops.

    Posting requests for fish wanted or fish available are services available only to our Aquarium-Club members.  Please Join today.

   We are one of the web sites in the group.  In addition to the links to the other sites for books, aquarium supplies and tropical fish for sale, this site is our primary tropical fish information site, for getting started and information about the most commonly available species and strains of aquarium fish.

    We have tried to make and our related web sites which are part of our family of web sites, to be vital resources for those just getting started in the aquarium hobby with their first fish tank and a viable resource for the more experienced hobbyists with advances and more rare species.  This is why you will find very good information for the commonly available tropical fish in the aquarium hobby, such as Barbs, Catfish, Cichlids, Danios, Gouramis, Livebearers, Tetras and Saltwater/Marine tropical fish which are readily found in many local pet shops.

    We have likewise developed full sections for tropical fish such as: Angelfish, Bettas, Discus, Guppies, for the many species of Killifish, Goldfish, Koi, and Koi ponds, and for saltwater and coral reef marine aquariums.  We only let our professional breeder members and pet shops with the highest quality of aquarium supplies and tropical fish sell their products to our members and general visitors.

    We're tropical fish hobbyist ourselves first and foremost and we appreciate your support with your membership and your purchases made through this site.  We hope you find many friends and sources for fish.  And if your are just a web visitor passing through, or visiting for the very first time, we hope you will bookmark us, stop back often and one day soon join our community of hobbyists.  Who We Are


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